Read This for the Ultimate 4th of July Week

It’s here, one of my favorite weeks of the year! I LOVE LOVE LOVE 4th of July week. Packed with fun in the sun, togetherness, bbq’s, watermelon, rose (sadly not for me this year but you know what I mean) and warm balmy nights – it’s summer break for adults (unless you take time off sometime else in the summer).

Before the week arrives, here’s everything you may want in your life:

1. Don’t miss your 2019 guide to sunscreen! This includes only the best and highest rated mineral sunscreens for all of your outdoor activities.

2. Need a tan from a can but aren’t into the toxins? Here are the two best organic self-tanners.

3. Looking for a good book to read on the beach or by the pool? Check out this post, this post or this post. OR scoop up Howard Stern’s new book (if you’re a fan, I’m loving it) and if you’re a toddler mom, I’m really enjoying The Montessori Toddler. Not into reading but want to zone out and listen to something? Fave podcasts here and here.

4. If you need a little outfit inspiration including bathing suits, hats and dresses, here you go! And if you’re pregnant and need a swimsuit, don’t miss this.

5. Traveling? Here are ways to simplify your travels. If you’re traveling with an infant, here are my tips. GOOD LUCK!

6. Plan on drinking but want to make your cocktails a little bit healthier? Read this.

7. Looking to elevate your summer in general? Don’t miss this summer bucket list.

8. And to end the week on a high note, read this for our tips on recouping after travel.

Happy summer!

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