Summer Freezer Essentials

The freezer begins to take on a whole new meaning in the summer: SURVIVAL!

It’s no longer just a place to store food but home to quick and easy ways to cool down on those torching hot days. From beauty tools to treats, here are my summer freezer essentials:

Ice Roller
If you know, you know. And if you don’t, where have you been the last two years?! The ice roller is a $12 tool available on Amazon that helps de-puff your face but it’s also great for things like headaches, mastitis and cooling down on hot days.

Frozen fruit (specifically grapes, blueberries & strawberries)
A dream snack for 90-degree weather OR the perfect ice cube substitute for a glass of wine/champagne that won’t water down your drink.

Acai and Dragon Fruit Packets
Smoothie bowls just feel right in the summer and my personal favorites are acai and dragon fruit. Packed with antioxidants and delightful with tropical flavors, toss one of the packets in with banana and some almond milk into the blender then top with all the things and you have yourself a meal!

Non-dairy Ice Cream
I love having one or two non-dairy ice creams on hand – as of late I’ve been stocking strawberry and mint. It makes for a refreshing dessert any night of the week while skipping the bloat that may come from too much dairy.

Ice Cream Maker Bowl
One of my favorite things to whip up for dessert during the summer is homemade ice cream which means our ice cream bowl has to be chilled and ready to go at all times. Some of my favorite recipes: Matcha Green Tea & Coconut, Dairy Free Blueberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Vegan Pistachio and Coconut Honey.

What else do you stock your freezer with during the hot summer days?

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