7 Healthy Things I’ve Learned From Instagram Recently

Curate your Instagram feed well and it’s a place of infinite inspiration! Curate it poorly and it can leave you feeling mehhhhhh. Since quieting out some of the unnecessary noise in my feed (big fan of the mute button over here!), I’ve been able to surface more content that does in fact serve me. Especially when it comes to healthy ideas.

Here are 7 things I’ve learned from Instagram lately:

1. Melissa Wood’s Spirulina Smoothie
Packed with plant-based sources of protein and loaded with essential vitamins and anti-aging effects, this smoothie is the bomb.

2. P.volve
I haven’t given this online workout a go just yet BUT I did recently learn about it thanks to Jacey and when I’m cleared to workout again after the baby, I’m giving it a try.

3. The easiest wild salmon recipe, ever.
If it’s good enough for Be Well By Kelly then it must be good! And it only takes 15 minutes.

4. My laundry detergent wasn’t as clean as I had thought…
Turns out, my laundry detergent was more toxic than I was led to believe and thanks to Empowered Autoimmune we’ve made a switch. We are now using BioKleen which is one of the highest-rated on the EWG.

5. How to conquer mom guilt
I have a folder dedicated to quotes that resonate and I loved these 4 reminders Chalkboard Magazine posted about mom guilt.

6. Found a good list of anti-inflammatory foods
Inflammation during my pregnancy has been REAL! Especially in my hands. I’ve upped my intake of anti-inflammatory foods thanks to this post.

7. Found a great source of plant-based recipes for my toddler
Our toddler is on a plant-based diet which doesn’t seem to be particularly popular with the mommy food bloggers so I was stoked to discover “Plant Based Juniors.” From her pumpkin energy bites to kale spaghetti and endless feed of good ideas, it’s my go-to for Leo.

What are some of your favorite healthy accounts to follow?

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