Which Beauty Products Matter Most When Going Clean

2019 was definitely the year of clean beauty and I think we can all agree it’s only going to get better in 2020 – especially with brands like Saie on the market. One question that I keep seeing pop up everywhere though is when making the switch to clean beauty, what products “matter” the most? I put quotes around matter because I think it’s important to consider the ingredients in everything we put on/in our bodies, but when you get down to it, are there more important products to swap first?

More than likely there will be some differing opinions on this topic, but below I’m sharing my perspective and what I’ve prioritized swapping. If you’ve read an article or have insight into the science behind this, please share in the comments!


You’ve probably heard that you actually end up eating a very high percentage of the lipstick you apply, which is crazy to think about considering traditional products contain dyes, petroleum and plasticizers among other scary things. I would never willingly eat those things so why would I put them on my lips? It’s crazy when you think about it. Fortunately, lots of great, clean lipsticks have come out recently. Kosas is a great option as well as Beautycounter.

Body wash + lotion

Since these cover your ENTIRE body and soak directly into your skin, try to make them clean. I personally vibe with Plant Apothecary’s body wash and Honest’s lotion (which I prefer over body oil for daily wear).


Mascara is another one of those products that can easily get directly inside your body like lipstick because of where it’s applied. One of the main ingredients in traditional mascara is something called coal tar – tar?! This was shocking to me and I definitely do not want any tar near my eyes. I’ve been hooked to Saie’s mascara which is a must (and I’m not just saying that because Geri is my girl).


The “fragrance” in perfumes can affect so much more than just the bit of skin where you spritz it. It can wreak havoc on your sinuses and nasal passageways and even your lungs from the potential carcinogens and other irritants in traditional formulas. Learning this was such a bummer because I definitely have a few fragrances I don’t want to say goodbye to but there are some great non-toxic options out there. Check out some of BIA’s favorite brands here.


I know we’re talking more about makeup here, but when I’m putting on makeup, an SPF is part of that routine, so I thought it was worth mentioning. Plus, because of the frequency in which a lot of us wear sunscreen (even those of us that don’t wear makeup, wear sunscreen!), I definitely think it’s worth putting out there.

Sunscreen and deodorant (read up on clean deo here and here) are probably the most well known personal care products that people are choosing to go clean on. Sunscreen, however, is notoriously toxic. I’ve even read that the chemicals in sunscreen have shown up in a mother’s breastmilk, which really freaks me out. Those chemicals are known as hormone disruptors and can actually damage your skin more than they protect it, so the risk just isn’t worth it to me. Instead, I’d opt for any of the mineral sunscreens on this list – all approved by the EWG.

Clean beauty and making swaps can feel super overwhelming so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to switch everything out all at once. Ease into it and slowly make swaps and before you know it, the majority of your beauty cabinet will be clean!

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