DIY Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

DIY Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack DIY Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

This DIY reclaimed wood coat rack is a quick and easy way to help keep an entry way neat and tidy as the fall hats, coats and bags pile up. Plus, it looks pretty darn cute if I say so myself!

When I created this DIY project for Nordstrom I wanted to find just the right piece of wood. I went digging through the downtown LA lumber yards and was lucky enough to find an old painted door frame with a beautiful patina but if you try this project yourself, any aged cool piece of wood will do. I also splurged on brass hooks to give the project just the right juxtaposition of old and new but again, a variety of hooks would be just as rad. Have fun with it and get creative! Here’s how to do it:

You will need:
A piece of reclaimed wood
Screw driver/drill and screws
Hanging hooks

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How I Like To Unwind After A Long Day

How I Like To Unwind After A Long day How I Like To Unwind After A Long day How I Like To Unwind After A Long day How I Like To Unwind After A Long day How I Like To Unwind After A Long day
Summer leisure is officially behind us and it’s time to get back to the grind.  From now until Thanksgiving we work our tails off with limited vacation time so it’s important that we take good care of ourselves. Eating well, working out and YOU time is crucial. It’s the key to staying rested, calm and healthy.

Unwinding after a long day can be difficult so for me it’s important that I turn off my ringer and indulge in some serious R&R.  I’ve found that having a couple of little things to pamper myself with goes a really long way. Here’s my unwinding routine:

I like to take a hot shower or bath – if it’s a bath I add a handful of Herbivore Calm Ylang Ylang Vanilla Dead Sea Soaking Salts or Herbivore Botanicals Bath Soak for full aromatherapy and detoxing benefits and if it’s a shower I opt for a coffee body scrub such as the one by Babescrub. While in the bath/shower I try to keep my mind from running so that I can really get a break. When my mind does start wandering I’ve found it really effective to simply remind myself that I am the only one who can control my own thoughts and I redirect my thinking.

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3 Surprisingly Washable Items In Your Closet

DSC02919 DSC02876 DSC02957
**In partnership with P&G Tide and Downy**

Raise your hand if you’re tired of paying exorbitant amounts for your dry cleaning bill?! Insert my arms flailing! I don’t know about you but some months my dry cleaning bill is equivalent to that of a new article of clothing.  This totally bums me out which is why I’m making it a priority to carefully read care labels and ultimately, buy more washable items.

After attending New York fashion week and devouring all of the street style I came home and did a little bit of shopping both in stores and in my own closet with this in mind and you’d be surprised how many items in your closet are washable. Here’s what I discovered is surprisingly washable with Tide Pods Free & Gentle:

1. Sneakers.  Inspired by all the sneakers on the streets of New York, I dropped my old favorite pair of Converse in the wash with Tide Pods Free & Gentle and boom, they were like new!

2. Some vegan leathers. I bought a new bright yellow “vegan” leather skirt and believe it or not it is totally washable – the key is to run the cycle on gentle then lay flat to dry.

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Splendid Boot Event @ The Grove

IMG_0032 IMG_0034 IMG_0022
Last Thursday I had the honor of hosting Splendid’s boot event at The Grove and the boots are seriously SO good! My personal favorite are the Hamptyn’s. They’re that perfect flat boot that you’re always looking for but can never seem to find. I also thought the Bennie Moccasins were pretty darn cute and for all you wedge girls, the Tandie’s give great height but are also really comfortable.

Besides the boots, it was so wonderful meeting so many of you!  It’s always so nice to get out from behind my computer to hang in person. For those that didn’t make it, hope to see you at the next one! More pictures from the event after the jump.

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7 Actions To Undo For A Healthy Body

7 Actions To Undo For A Healthy Body
Right now, the chances that your legs are crossed and you are slouching over your chair are extremely high. Working at computers, sitting on our phones and even simply driving in the car, can be the onset of many terrible habits for our bodies that we should be aware of. Simple movements like consistently leaning to one hip and over-extending the neck can cause physical issues as we age, so let’s stop them now!

Here are 7 actions you should stop doing (and a video HERE):

  1. Sitting Cross-Legged: causes varicose veins & low back pain
  2. Crossing Arms: sends a message of uncertainty & doubt
  3. Leaning To One Hip: causes misalignment in hips & glutes
  4. Slouching: causes headaches, jaw pain & back pain (sit tall!)
  5. Pelvic Tilt: weakens abdominal muscles & causes strain to low back
  6. Neck Extension: adds 10-20 lbs of weight to the neck (bring your reading material up to you!)
  7. Sleeping with Arms Overhead: creates tension in upper back & shoulders

p.s. the workout clothes in this picture are all koral activewear – my favorite!

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