5 Wellness Trends To Try In Los Angeles

los angeles

From freezing, to floating, to sweating and steaming, there is no shortage of wellness trends to try here in Los Angeles. And as proof of that, I’ve made an entire web series about it: The Wellness Experiment. You can tune in to see all of these—some wacky, some excellent—services OR […]

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Biggest Wellness Trends of 2017


For me, one of the funnest parts of 2016 was experimenting with wellness trends on a LEAFtv reality show. Last year gave us cupping, IV treatments, aerial yoga, lots of meditation, and weightless floating—some which I loved and others that I hated—so I’m thrilled to try what 2017 has in […]

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Wellness Gatherings

wellness gatherings

                               In the last few years, a lot has changed in my social calendar. My friends and I are now less likely to grab drinks and more inclined to go for a hike. Our girl’s trips slowly morphed from boozy Mexico fiestas […]

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