Biggest Wellness Trends of 2019

It’s that time again for my annual wellness trend predictions! If you are inclined you can read 2017’s here and 2018’s here – sadly my 2016 video is off youtube but it was a good one (who remembers?!). And what’s in store for the biggest wellness trends of 2019? Here […]

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A Fall Wellness Bucket List

cozy with a book

  Fall just does something to the soul that makes a person want to incorporate it into every part of their life. From diet to wardrobe to your wellness routine. At least for me! It’s a season of #feels, that’s for sure. So, to get in the spirit of things, […]

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LIVE WELL: Dryer Balls

I’ll admit that when it came to switching out non-toxic household products, dryer sheets were one that kind of slipped my mind. Maybe because they’re not a liquid like detergent or surface cleaners? Either way, I’m glad I realized all the potentially harmful chemicals dryer sheets are made with and […]

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