What Would Happen If You Quit Complaining?

Wellness Challenge: Quit complaining
Lately, I’ve been attempting to clean up annoying habits. Habits that I don’t necessarily notice until I start being mindful of them, then realize exactly how often I’m doing X annoying thing. You feel me here?

Of course I’m not ever going to be perfect, but I do think it’s important to better myself as much as possible. That involves removing habits that I’m not proud of or don’t add positivity to my days.

I’ve been doing well with the challenges of cutting out judgement and gossip, and feel wayyy better. Sure, I’ve slipped here and there, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed making the challenge ongoing. After putting more focus into removing those toxic things, I’m able to notice when the thoughts creep in and then have the choice of what I do with them.

Since I’m at a good point with those past challenges, I wanted to introduce a new one this week. Ready for it?

Challenge: Quit complaining

This one embarasses me because I understand how incredibly lucky I am. I live in a safe neighborhood with a roof over my head and food on the table, so the fact that I complain often is simply not acceptable. Especially when so many of the complaints are #firstworldproblems. “Ugh, I’m so bloated from eating too much.” “I’m sooo busy with all these events.” “My car is making a weird sound.”

Not only is it ungrateful, but how annoying. Please, please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?!

Either way, I’m officially focusing on limiting my complaining as much as possible—this week for sure, and hopefully for life. I’m going to get better at writing down what I’m grateful for on a daily basis as well, I think it might help.

Who’s coming on the no-complaining train with me?





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  1. Thanks for posting this. I try to practice having a grateful heart but have a habit of complaining when I am tired or cranky. I will join you.

  2. I’ve been doing this for a while now—trying to look for the positive in a situation instead of immediately jumping to and complaining about the negative—and I feel like it’s rewired my brain, literally.

  3. LOVE this!!! one of my new year’s resolutions this year, and frankly the main one, was to stop saying the word “jealous.” I’m consciously trying to be grateful for what I have, which is totally along the lines of not complaining, and focusing on myself as opposed to wishing i had someone else’s life. it’s a work in progress, but at least i’m more self aware!

  4. I have always believed that taking responsibility for ones actions is the first step in limiting complaining. Reason being most times if we truly look at the source of the problems we complain about, they tend to be our own decisions or lack there of. But one can always agree that there is much work to be one in this department. I’m in on this with you.

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  5. I actually started doing this after my spinal surgery, one month and a half ago! I realised that after 6 months of pain, not being able to move, walk or sit to eat, I will stop complaining and I will be so grateful for everything! It was a wake up call…and despite the trauma and black months…I am grateful for what I have learned! I am a better me for myself and others! Love your mission!! 🙂 Will follow the next challenges!!

  6. I have been going through an extremely stressful and difficult period at work, and this was a wonderful reminder that complaining only drags down my energy further and is so self-defeating. I also went through a very painful friend break-up last year because of incredibly toxic and hurtful behavior that has been all too easy to rehash and revisit over and over. It’s beyond time to let all that negativity go. THANK YOU for this reminder!!

    And on an unrelated note, can you please tell us outfit details for the photo above? It’s really beautiful!

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