How to Make Your Workspace Feel Like a Wellness Oasis

Whether you work from home like me or go into an office every day, having a workspace that feels great is beyond important. And just because you work from a kitchen table or cubicle doesn’t mean you can’t have a space that leads to a healthy, productive life. Here are a few tweaks that I’ve made to keep my workspace feeling as good possible:

Keep it simple
Clutter creates distractions—especially when it’s where you’re trying to work. Keep your desk as simple as possible, putting away everything but the essential so that you have plenty of room to focus. If you don’t have a drawer, think about buying a pen holder, make-shift drawers, and a place for paperwork.

Use oils
I’m pretty obsessed with diffusing oils, and it’s how I like to start and end my days. For work specifically, I have a diffuser close to my desk and use citrus flavors in the a.m. If you work around others who don’t love this idea, use the oils on your skin (wrists or temples) for a quick boost when needed.

Clean it
Literally, clean your desk once a week. Wipe down everything on it, including tech!, and de-sanitize as necessary.

Add inspiration
If you’re working on health goals or want to feel well in general, find ways to add positive affirmations or inspo to your space. Maybe it’s a cute background design on your computer, a picture of you feeling your best, or post-its; do what works for you.

Drink up
One of the essentials that belongs on your desk is a water bottle. Every time you get up, fill the bottle to make sure you’re hydrated 24/7. It’ll keep you feeling energized, especially if you add some lemon. If you don’t get up often, set a timer to stand and get water once an hour. Movement + water = a workspace key!

Store vitamins
If you’re a vitamin taker, keep them at your desk (especially if you can’t take them on an empty stomach). I kept mine in my bedroom for years, only to get to my desk and wish I had them. It’s a sure way to stay on track with what you need, and post-breakfast is usually a smart time to take them.

Listen smart
Headphones are probably obvious, but what you listen to can really impact how you feel and your productivity levels. Try out different types—from white noise to jazz to rap—and see what works best with each task. A mid-day meditation session is always a great pick-me-up as well (I like Headspace if I’m using an app)!

A notepad
Not only for writing down work-related stuff, but also to list out anything swirling in your mind. Instead of having to break your task, pull out your phone, and open your notes app, simply write it down. This will keep you focused on your tasks and your mind clear. Plus, it doubles as something to doodle on if you need a creative break.


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  1. Yes to aromatherapy—it makes a huge difference. I keep stress-relieving and mental alertness roll-on remedies at my desk.

  2. Just last week I completely cleaned my desk and moved my display decorations to the bookshelf so that I have more room and I love it. I also made a pact to myself not to eat at my desk anymore while working so it remains cleaner for longer and that actually helps to remind me to take a work break every once in a while.

    Emily | |

  3. I am in the process of redecorating/organizing my home office. I too use a diffuser, love them. One of my favorite morning blends is peppermint and orange.

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