LIVE WELL: Improve Your Vocabulary

One of my favorite aspects of being a blogger is the writing aspect. Though I didn’t go to school for journalism or writing, it’s a hobby that I’m grateful to now have as a career. On top of that, I love researching new topics and then sharing them with you all. Whether that’s about clean wines or toxic cribs, it’s cool to continue learning even long after my school days.

And lately, especially with so much down time with Leo, I’ve been finding fresh ways to expand my personal curriculum. Ways to essentially work out my brain (even more important when most of my convos are with a little human who can’t yet talk!).

So I’ve developed a new practice involving words! Whenever reading, whether a book or an online article, I’ll write down any words I’m not totally familiar with. I have a running list in my phone in the Notes app. Then after I’m done reading or before I wind down for the night, I’ll look up the word.

I used to skip over these words (unless knowing their meaning was essential), but it’s been interesting learning a few words a week. I’ve noticed that I’ve used the new words in my everyday vocabulary and it’s become a fun game of sorts. I’ve even made notes while having discussions with people after not knowing a word they say.

I always thought I had a decent vocabulary (and still do), but now I’m feeling even more confident. It’s made me a better communicator, writer, and most of all, I appreciate the ongoing learning aspect of it.

If you’re missing out on learning or want to expand your brain – or just want an idea to live well this week – I highly suggest becoming BFFs with your dictionary. It’s a healthy habit for your mind, and feeling smarter never hurt right?

PS if you’re wanting other ways to give your mind a workout, additional ideas are waiting for you here!

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  1. This is such a great idea! I’m always looking to expand my vocabulary. I’ll definitely apply this to my own life.

  2. This is a great idea! I used to practice my vocab by playing but now I focus on language retention. I’ll practice different languages using mostly Duolingo and hopefully someday I’ll be proficient in a second language by continuing to practice!
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