5 Quick Skincare Tips for Colder Weather

Temps have finally cooled down in California, which means it’s safe to say weather is chill everywhere. And like I always do during the transitional months, usually November and June, I’m making a few changes to my vanity. Swapping out the products and routines I swear by for summer and time in the sun with ones to combat winter conditions (even mild ones).

After all, our skin is dealing with totally different elements depending on the time of year. Just like you change up your closet, the same should be done for your beauty routine. If you don’t have a different beauty collection for summer and winter, do yourself a favor and follow these 5 tips.

Moisturizing overnight mask: I have somewhat oily skin, so a heavy moisturizer isn’t in rotation for me over summer. But once things cool down and the heat is on in my house, my skin totally dries out. This is when I bring in something like this Nuori Supreme Moisture Mask. This is actually an overnight hydrating mask and it’s super luxe and moisturizing. It’s made with grape and damask rose waters and natural hyaluronic acid to restore moisture levels. It also has chamomile extra which is known to be anti-inflammatory and soothing for skin that winter brings. I apply it 1-2 nights a week before bed and my skin soaks it up.

Hydrating Balm: I’m newly obsessed with this Boundless Solid Oil that I kinda use everywhere as part of my evening routine. It’s made with amla berry, which is rich in Vitamin C, and has loads of antioxidants and collagen. Plus, it has scents of lavender and geranium which naturally calm. I use it on areas that are super rough, like my hands, the area around my brows that always dry up, and even my neck/chest. Beyondddd relaxing and hydrating.

Eye cream 2x a day: I’m usually good with using eye cream at night, but my eye area tends to get more puffy and dry during fall/winter. It’s likely a combo of weather and diet, and my skin lacking as much moisture, but this is when I bump up my eye cream routine. I’ll apply some before makeup in the morning and then again at night. I’ve been using Grown Alchemist’s Age Repair for years and still love it.

Roll after products: Like Geri, I’m a major fan of all things face rollers – but especially this time of year! Since most rollers (like the ice roller or jade roller) help to seal pores, it’s imperative to use them after your morning/evening skincare routine. They help products penetrate into your skin and really soak up all the benefits of your serum, moisturizer, etc. I usually use the ice roller in the morning (because hello tired face), and then the jade roller at night.

Use a washcloth while cleansing: My facialist told me this and it’s a tip I always bring back this time of year. Even though I exfoliate, I still end up with lingering dead skin quite regularly. After you apply cleanser (this one is really rich) and feel like your face is clean, use a washcloth to softly wipe of the product. Then rinse with water. This extra step aids to gently remove dead skin while pores are open and the skin is loose. Just keep a stack of washcloths in your bathroom and voila! Easy exfolation at its finest.

I shared my tips, now it’s your turn! What winter skincare tip do you swear by?

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