What I Do on Sundays to Prep for a Successful Week

Sundays have always been bittersweet, especially in my 20s when the Sunday Night Anxiety was real. But I’ve since come to think of them as maybe my favorite day of the week – if I play my cards right. Instead of thinking of it as the end to the weekend, I think of it as the start to a successful week. This little mind shift has changed things for me, and I’ve started a short list of things I always try to accomplish on a Sunday.

Here are x things I do on Sundays to prep for a successful week ahead:

Get up early: This used to sound like the worst idea in the world, but honestly, who sleeps in anymore? I actually feel my best when I’m sticking to a sleep schedule. Instead of sleeping until 10 on Sundays and then waking at 6 on Mondays and fully throwing off my sleep schedule, I try to keep things consistent. I set my alarm for 7 for an extra hour, which feels luxurious, but then start my day. It’s crazyyy how much more you can get out of Sunday with those extra hours – and Monday’s alarm is less brutal.

Go to the store or market: Now that I get up early, I can be early to the store or market, which is magical. With an idea of what I want to make over the next few days, I put on a podcast and go shopping. It’s much less of a hassle and now a task I actually enjoy. A little alone time, a little podcast, and I treat myself to a cup of local coffee afterwards. Adulthood heaven!

Avoid plans: I find that when I’m busy from Friday night-Sunday, I don’t feel my best. The week ahead is always a shitshow, and I don’t feel relaxed. Because of this, I try to say no to plans on Sundays. They’re family time and the day to decompress while prepping for the week. Can’t recommend this enough!

Move: Whether that means going on a long walk with my dog and husband or doing a full workout, I move every Sunday. It’s not only a mental boost, but it keeps me feeling healthy – instead of totally giving up physical activity over the weekends. I’m much less likely to miss my Monday workout if I’ve kept things consistent over the weekend.

Plan out my week: I’m sure a lot of people ignore their calendar and work on Sundays, but that personally gives me anxiety. I like to take a look at my week, usually in the afternoon, and go through any pressing emails. This way I can update my schedule and know what the week is shaping up as.

Social media detox: This is the day I nix social media (for the most part). I find that giving myself a full day without that noise does wonders for my brain. Along with no plans, it’s a full reset for my mind and body and a feeling I savor SO much.

Laundry: While I’m at home cooking or hanging with my family, I throw in a few loads. Nothing worse than realizing you have zero clothes Monday morning, right? Right. Then it makes picking out outfits for the next day or week easier, too!

And I have to mention that I also spend a lot of the day working on self-care. This is where my love for Sundays comes in – as it’s a mix of self love and prep.

What do you do on Sundays? Do you have any personal rituals?




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  1. Nice! I am 100% the same way except I really need to work “movement” into my Sundays. I like that you keep it simple and don’t force yourself to do a killer workout. Taking a long walk, rather than hitting the gym, sounds perfect for lazy Sundays.

    -Grace | The Keen Kind

  2. I love your blog! I keep reading your mentions of having a dog but I never see one on your IG page. Just curious what kind of pooch you have 🙂 xx love from Sweden

  3. Love your tips. I often get up earlier than everyone in my house on Sunday (everyone want to sleep late), get away from social media most of time, and do all housework I can’t do in weekdays.

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