Summer Smoothie Roundup


smoothies smoothies smoothies smoothies smoothies
We are in the thick of the week of 4th of July and I am loving it! It’s hot, swimsuits are on, and cold drinks are being served. I personally am dying for a cold beer or a glass of chilled rose right about now and if I weren’t sitting here six months pregnant this post probably would have been a cocktail roundup BUT I am, so smoothies it is! Whether you’re having a smoothie for breakfast or by the pool (hiiii – me!), these are a few of my favorite smoothies for summer. They’re all delicious and refreshing:

Watermelon + Cucumber Smoothie
Decompress with this spa-inspired blend, filled with supremely hydrating ingredients like watermelon, cucumber and coconut water. Sweetened with organic raspberries and lime juice, and then a hearty dose of Omega-3s and chia seeds, it helps prevent inflammation and destruction from free radicals. Sip by sip, let tranquility take over as you embrace the Ohm.

Pitaya Antioxidant Smoothie
Acai, collagen, mango, oh my! This antioxidant-packed pitaya-based smoothie is as gorgeous as it is yummy.

Strawberry & Mango Coconut Water Smoothie
Between the hydration of the coconut water, sugar spike from the fruit and power in the superfoods, this one is wildly energizing!

The Green Dream
This tropical, green-packed smoothie is light, tight, and an ideal way to start the day off on a healthy note. Warning, it may become your new favorite.

And if you want to make a pretty smoothie bowl, check out this recipe.

Stay cool out there!

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  1. Hahah, loved the bit about how this would probably be a cocktail round-up if you weren’t pregnant – I agree, I adore an ice cold refreshing cocktail on these warm summer nights 😉
    But I enjoy smoothies as well, thanks for sharing these recipes, the strawberry and mango one sounds delicious!
    xx Janine

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