How to Use Social Media in a More Meaningful Way

How to Use Social Media in a More Meaningful Way Remember life before social media? For a lot of us reading this site, we’re in that in-between generation who do in fact remember life without social media (or cell phones and computers) but also rely heavily on it in our daily lives. And here’s the thing – it’s not going anywhere. So instead of longing for the days before Instagram, it’s probably more productive to make the most of the platforms in front of us. Here are 5 ways to use social media in a meaningful way:

Follow those that you enjoy

Won’t go too much into this because we’ve already covered how to mute those who don’t serve you here. Bottom line is to make sure your feed is full of what you want – inspiration, motivation, entertainment, etc. – and rid of what you don’t – negativity, comparison, fakeness, etc.

Find your people

I belong to a few Facebook groups that I’m super thankful for and I check them way more than my actual feed. Geri actually has a private Facebook group (mainly parenthood stuff) where you can connect with other likeminded people without having to see your clogged up feed. There are seriously groups for everything these days and you can find support and community where you may be lacking, just search around!

Follow local charities

Volunteering or donating to a large charity can often leave us feeling like a small fish in a big pond. Where is our money really going? How can we impact something instantly? Etc. One way is to work with local organizations or branches of large associations. Search for the organization you’re interested in and then your city (or area) to stay on top of local opportunities, volunteer gigs, etc. Twitter is especially great for this.

Hold yourself accountable

If you’re externally motivated, showing up on social media can be an excellent source of motivation. Say you’re looking to lose weight or workout more; post your weekly updates on social media. Certain groups like the Kayla Itsines followers seem to show up for each other by commenting and sharing their own weekly updates – something you can probably find comfort in.

If you feel embarrassed to start posting pictures of you during a weight loss journey or something too vulnerable, consider starting a new account where your friends/family don’t follow (unless you want their support too!).

Post realness

There seems to be a refreshing wave of Instagram lately, and that’s the realness reel. Not everyone is on board yet, but I’m personally finding it very cool. And you need to be a celeb or influencer to post something real. Don’t be afraid to show up as the true you, whether that’s a picture without a filter or makeup, an IG story about your mess of a morning, whatever! Instead of only showing the highlights, use social media as a way to connect. After all, that was the original intention behind it.

For more tips on how to better use social media and overall tips for tech health, don’t miss this article.

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