Are You Adding Oils To Your Dry Brush?

This week’s LIVE WELL was actually inspired by Natalie Comstock and a recent Instagram story she posted. I realize I find so many amazing wellness tips from the IG community, so I’ll do my best to start sharing more. This one is a goodie, especially if you’re into dry brushing and/or essential oils. And if you aren’t, get involved with dry brushing here and oils here!

Natalie mentioned adding a couple drops of whatever oil she was feeling to her dry brush before she brushed, which sounded heavenly. As long as the oil is high quality, this is a great way to absorb the benefits of the oil and dry brushing at once. Plus, it’s combining two of the most relaxing and recharging practices and I’m all about a self-love shower.

I reached out to Natalie about the process and she said she applies the oil directly to the brush and every so often she washes it, let’s it dry, and then it’s ready to go again. Easy right?

Depending on when I shower, I’ll switch between something uplifting like peppermint or something relaxing like lavender – but use whatever you’re into!

Have you done this before?

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