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LIVE WELL: Invest in Loungewear

  One of the “struggles” I faced when I started working from home was the clothing situation. I didn’t want to live in the same pajamas I had just slept in, but let’s be honest, the thought of jeans when I’m about to sit at my computer for 8 hours […]

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LIVE WELL: Outfits in Advance

Funny enough, I LIVED for picking out my school outfits the night before all throughout high school. Maybe it’s the planner in me or my appreciation for fashion, but it was always a part of my nighttime routine. (Oh, and maybe it was the fact that there were about zero […]

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LIVE WELL: Dryer Balls

I’ll admit that when it came to switching out non-toxic household products, dryer sheets were one that kind of slipped my mind. Maybe because they’re not a liquid like detergent or surface cleaners? Either way, I’m glad I realized all the potentially harmful chemicals dryer sheets are made with and […]

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LIVE WELL: Magnesium

If you keep up with wellness trends at all, then you’ve probably seen the word magnesium floating around. It’s been a popular health supplement for years, but like everything, it’s come back around again and is having a serious moment. But what is magnesium? Well, for one, it serves quite […]

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