7 Ways To De-Stress After Work

A full day at work can be extremely taxing on your mind and body – no matter if you’re on your feet, sitting at a desk (at-home included) or consulting all over town. So, before you head out to meet friends for drinks or dinner, consider spending a few minutes of “you time” so that you give yourself a pause to healthily de-stress from the day. Here are seven easy to tips that can help you productively unwind, re-energizing your spirit and helping to make the most of your time out of the office.

  1. Meditate: Concentrating on your breath helps ease tension and fills you with oxygen. Here are some ideas on ways to meditate.
  2. Plants: Plants add oxygen to the air which has a calming effect. Either go for a long walk or fill your home with a few plants for the benefits – like some of these.
  3. Tea: Herbal teas (like chamomile) have a soothing effect, and if you want a little extra, try making a wellness tonic by adding some adaptogens.
  4. Work It Out: Doing a workout or short yoga practice alleviates tension and gets out pent up aggression.
  5. Foot Soak: A relaxing epsom salt soak helps reduce stress from the bottom up! This is a great recipe.
  6. Technology Off: Shutting down your devices helps the mind to rest.
  7. Face Mask: Applying your favorite mask helps calm from the top down! Here’s a list of my favorite clean non-toxic masks.

What helps you unwind after work?

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  1. Changing clothes. Wipping my make up off. Walking barefoot. Playing (annoying her really) with the cat. Pouring tea and/or wine/drinks. Some music. Sunsets.

  2. Definitely workingout is the best. When I’m particularly stressed, I’ll even put on angry music like Disturbed or something and push myself at the gym. A good workout makes the stress of the day melt away and following up with a good shower or bath seals the deal.

    Some nights I have left work too late for the gym..like 9:30 or even 11 when things get really stressful. On those days I like doing ‘triangle’ breathing and making some peppermint tea. Netflix comes in handy those nights too!

    xoxo – Kelly

  3. I love the idea of a face mask. It’s something that I don’t really do and it does sound like a nice way to treat myself. I’ll usually come home, take a hot nice shower, get into my cozy pjs and light a candle!

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