5 Healthy (and Clean!) Protein Powders

non-toxic protein powders

Protein powders can get a bad rep and for good reason. Earlier this year, a nonprofit group called the Clean Label Project released a report about toxins in protein powders. Researchers screened 134 products for 130 types of toxins and found that many protein powders contain heavy metals (lead, arsenic, […]

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A Fall Wellness Bucket List

cozy with a book

  Fall just does something to the soul that makes a person want to incorporate it into every part of their life. From diet to wardrobe to your wellness routine. At least for me! It’s a season of #feels, that’s for sure. So, to get in the spirit of things, […]

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LIVE WELL: Dryer Balls

I’ll admit that when it came to switching out non-toxic household products, dryer sheets were one that kind of slipped my mind. Maybe because they’re not a liquid like detergent or surface cleaners? Either way, I’m glad I realized all the potentially harmful chemicals dryer sheets are made with and […]

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LIVE WELL: Magnesium

If you keep up with wellness trends at all, then you’ve probably seen the word magnesium floating around. It’s been a popular health supplement for years, but like everything, it’s come back around again and is having a serious moment. But what is magnesium? Well, for one, it serves quite […]

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LIVE WELL: Massages

The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve come to appreciate the little things that just seem to make life better. This list includes monthly facials, quality skincare products, and massages. All have become necessary pieces of my current wellness routine. If you’re thinking getting a massage once a month seems […]

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