15 Things That Might Be Helpful Right Now

Today’s post is all about resources that can hopefully help a tiny bit during this time of unknown. We have a ton of content here on BIA, from mental health and anxiety to self-care to recipes to organizing ideas, and we truly hope it can serve as a happy, healthy place on the Internet. If we had to pick 15 articles that can help us all out right now, we’d choose these…

  1. A meditation that gets you moving and outside.
  2. Gratitude quotes that you can save to your phone or even your phone’s background. I’m also relying on my 5-Minute Journal more than ever for morning gratitude.
  3. A full list of simple healthy habits that you can implement ASAP.
  4. How to make your (at-home, hopefully) office a wellness oasis.
  5. Ahhh! An olive oil bath that’s good for the body, mind, and skin.
  6. Lots of useful tips on staying healthy in both the article and the comments here.
  7. A quick tip for reducing anxiety and focusing on the good.
  8. Tons of yummy, healthy recipes.
  9. Everything we know about Spring Cleaning.
  10. At-home workout apps we love, love, love!
  11. A pressure point massage you can do from the comfort of your home.
  12. A reminder that not responding to every IG or Facebook post might be smart.
  13. Our long list of getting organized tips.
  14. CBD! I’m currently trying Equilibria out and will keep you updated! I’ve also loved these CBD tonics lately.
  15. Nighttime routines from mama’s. Especially useful if your kids are home full-time right now and you need a b.r.e.a.k.

Your turn! Plz share what is helping you right now. We’re all in this together <3

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